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Proactive Management

A mix of hardware, software, and cloud based infrastructure, like most technology, will require regular maintenance to keep your business functioning flawlessly.  With Optimal Map’s Managed IT Services, our Support Centre performs these tasks silently in the background to ensure the technology your business depends on is running like a well-oiled machine!

What we do:

  • Patching – make sure your systems are running on the latest versions to prevent any vulnerabilities that systems may be exposed to. Based on a pre-determined schedule with you, we will patch your systems with security updates released by Microsoft or other 3rd party vendors.
  • Anti-virus – To ensure your systems run at an optimal level, we will deploy anti-virus protection on all desktops, laptops and servers through our centralized platform. This will guarantee that your systems are protected from all unwanted attacks.
  • Anti-spam – Many emails today are unsolicited and take up valuable time having to sort through whether or not they are legitimate. Through our backend anti-spam systems, we are able to filter these emails and remove clutter from your inbox, making sure that only the desired emails are coming through.