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Optimal Map Support Center

Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate alongside demands in the market and consumer expectations. To meet these increased demands and expectations, a help desk is extremely beneficial, especially in a high functioning business. Having the ability to submit a ticket through the following channels are critical:

  • send an email
  • pick up the phone
  • through our website

Not only does it provide a quick resolution to the matter, it also eliminates hassling the most technical person in your organization.  Every business has that one individual that everyone contacts in order to help resolve their issue.  We own that now!  Having a solid technical support team behind you is the key to keeping your employees efficient.

At Optimal Map, we have the ability to manage and monitor your devices remotely.  Using secure tools to establish a connection between our technical support team and the end user, we are able to quickly resolve all issues, regardless of where your user is.

Optimal Map also offers additional assistance and can provide Onsite Support should the matter require it.  Under such scenarios, you may require additional aid to support your IT infrastructure. There are certain IT issues that require on-demand and onsite expertise to ensure timely delivery.

At Optimal Map, we have a comprehensive team of IT professionals who offer rapid response and on-site assistance. IT problems are critical and complex and may not be successfully addressed or resolved over the phone. We understand that IT support means more than just a help desk. Thus, we will quickly address your call and arrange our qualified IT experts to your site in order to find a solution to your problem so that you can focus on growing your business.