Social Media for Business

Social media is a strong new wave of digital transformation that is here to stay. If you are one of those businesses you have yet to acknowledge the fact that social media can affect your bottom-line profits, you may not survive in this sea of change.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to embrace social media with open arms. Only then, will you be able to assess the true worth of its contribution to your business.

Optimal Map Social Media Experts

At Optimal Map, we ensure that you stay successfully “Socially Active”! Social media is one of the most trending and exciting marketing tools to boost your business or organization on global platform. With so much competition on digital platforms, it is very important to have prominent brand visibility and reach out to the potential customers around the world. Social media marketing will help your brand, business and product to explore and reach out to a broader network of target audience, just at the click of your fingertips!

We have a team of professional and talented social media experts who will analyze your requirements and formulate simple yet creative strategies. Our experts understand how to strike a balance and devise efficient, cost-effective, edgy yet composed social media plans and then ensure their seamless execution.

Our team consists of creative content strategists, social media experts, programmers, designers, video experts and online marketing professionals, who will come together and work in sync to achieve your business goals and objectives. We understand social media marketing can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. At Optimal Map we will take care of all of your social media channels starting with:

  • Facebook

    Facebook is currently the largest social network platform. It is an extremely powerful way to connect with a large number of relevant active users. At Optimal Map, our marketing strategy includes Facebook page creation, paid ads, re-marketing targeted ads, creative postings, carousel ads, carousel posts, daily boosting of posts, measuring and analyzing ad performances and much more.

  • Twitter

    Twitter, as a social network, allows you post just about anything. You can share anything from texts, to images, videos, links, polls and so much more. Twitter can be used effectively to not only handle marketing activities but also handling customer service and feedback. Our marketing strategies include creating new twitter handles, maintaining the existing ones, twitter ads, twitter posts, hashtag integration, graphics, and measuring and analyzing the performance on daily basis.

  • Instagram

    Instagram is a visual social media platform which is based entirely on photo and video sharing. This network is owned by Facebook and boasts of 400 million active users. It is a great place to target your audience through creative videos and photos. With our eye for detail and high-quality video production skills, we know how to make this social media platform work for you.

    We will help you share your brand stories, conduct product promotions, and business advertising by engaging millions of audiences across the world. With Instagram, we can help you create photo ads, high quality video ads and carousel ads to promote your product and/or brand. We also do hashtag integration, creative content posts, and measure and analyze the performance of the social activities on daily basis.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest, as a social media platform, comprises of digital bulletin boards which allows users to save and display the required content in the form of pins. Users can create and manage these boards according to the category.

    Pinterest is a very visual-oriented social media platform and we can help you to design a strong marketing strategy building communities related to your brand/product/ business, creating high resolution picture galleries so that your followers can get deeper knowledge of your brand/product/business, targeting high search volume hashtags and conducting daily performance measurements.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with a large number of Fortune 500 executives. Therefore, this platform allows you to reach your business target audience very easily. If the target audience is interested in your content, it is highly likely they will engage with your business and respond. Additionally, LinkedIn ads come with options that allow you reserve your message for the selected target audience. Therefore, it is a strong social media marketing tool for your business.

    We will help you create a business page and connect with skilled professionals and trending communities to easily express your business aesthetics. Apart from that, we will also formulate targeted ads and creative postings to engage more users.

Social media marketing for business is a cost-effective opportunity to build your brand globally and maximize your ROI. It is very effective and offers multiple advantages over traditional media. It is your ticket to interacting and engaging with your target audience in a completely innovative way! Include social media marketing in your e-commerce marketing strategy and allow Optimal Map marketing strategists to grow your business on this powerful and engaging platform.